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Pet Axolotls are the pet counterparts of the Axolotl animal. They are for all Jammers and cost 3 diamonds.

The concept of the pet. This is based on the Pokémon Wooper, so this concept is not supposed to look like a axolotl. I'm just giving a idea of how the pet is supposed to be like.


The first color is used on the body, and the second color is used on the crest. There are three eyes: the one shown in the concept, the grumpy one, the X one, the closed one, and the spiral one. When the player is making a pet axolotl, it can set how its crests look like, how its feet look like, and how its smile looks like. I didn't decide a number of options for the feet and crest settings yet but i decided the number of options for the smile settings will be three. There will be a serious smile, a happy smile (as shown in the concept) and a sad smile, that fits better with the grumpy eyes.



Dance: The axolotl does little steps while looking up.

Click: It grabs a red popsicle out of somewhere near its tail, and licks it for 2 seconds. Afterwards it puts the popsicle on where it came from.

Play: I didn't decide yet.

Sit: It shows how the sit looks like on the concept.


Dance: It puts its paws up and moves its feet and paws with their tail wagging.

Play: The axolotl pet sees a fish, spins the tail like a lasso, and grabs the fish with the tail. And then it puts the fish inside its mouth and swallows it.

Dive: It swims up a little, then dives. After the axolotl did a somewhat deep dive, it swims up again.


Will add it soon once i get good ideas.