Have you ever heard that Peck's land is Appondale, because Claws & Paws was supposed to be her house? AJHQ should create a den called 'Peck's House' in honor of that. This den will kind of look like Claws & Paws. It's a giant hollow tree with a pond in the center and a built in fireplace on the side. The wall papers all appear to be framed (as Peck is an artist). For example, Blue Sky would have images of the sky framed and scatted around the walls. There is also a second floor, a bit smaller than the first. It has a window that overlooks a large landscaped area, so you can see almost everywhere from Appondale to Jamaa Township and beyond.


Peck's House will be sold in the diamond shop for a very cheap three diamonds. If it becomes popular, the price will move up to five. 


It will be the first diamond shop den for all Jammers, so Nonmembers and Members both will be able to purchase it. 


There is a secret room in this den, click on the fireplace and it will extuingish, revealing a room full of alpha statues (Sir Gilbert, Greely, Graham, Cosmo, Liza, and Peck) and crystals. 

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