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Peacocks are for members only. They can fly like owls and eagles do, though kind of low. They were first a gift in the Celebration of Spring like the lions were a gift to all members. Now they are in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.


The Peacock when you first get it is blue on its face and body for color 1 and for color 2 is light green for its back feathers with blue and black dots that you cannot change the color of. The Peacock also has a small row of feathers on its head that only change the color if you change the color of color 2. Its eyes will be teal and its legs will be colored tan and its beek is gold.


Dance: Does The Nutcracker Ballet dance.

Play: Peacocks back feathers come up and the Peacock takes a feather and waves the feather up and down fast as if its hot.

Sleep: Sleeps with back feathers covering Peacock and makes it look like its in a ball.

Hop: Hops like its feet is going in circle.

Sit: Sits with back feathers up straight and wings tucked in and legs tucked in, too.


  • The Peacock is actually small as the size of the wolf.
  • The Peacock walks without back feathers out. It is tucked in.
  • When the Peacock walks, it bobs it head like a chicken and its back feathers down.
  • The Peacock with its back feathers out is the size that goes up to an arctic wolves chest.
  • They have an animated short called "Stalker".
  • They have their pet counterpart, The Pet Peacock