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The Ostrich is a fan-made animal for members and cost 10 diamonds in the Diamond Shop. They cannot fly, though.


When first bought, the ostrich will be tan on its neck and head for color 1, and black on its back (or feathers) for color 2. Its eyes will be colored light blue. Its eyes will be like the raccoons eyes when first bought, also. The difference in the ostriches is that a real life ostrich has white feathers, but Animal Jam's version doesn't.


Dance: The ostrich does the Ostrich Dance.

Play: They try to fly but can't.

Sleep: The ostrich looks like a big black ball.

Hop: The ostrich hops normally like a human, but their feathers go in a circle.

Sit: Its neck is up and feet hiding in feathers.

Note: I'll be adding a picture soon!