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This is Part 6 of a long list of Updates I want for Animal Jam.


Non-Member Appreciation is very self-explanatory. It Would Release the Friday after Trading Plus.

Non-Member Appreciation (NMA) allows NMs to do things they should be able to do. NMs can now Type with safe chat in Jam-a-Grams, Accept Gifts, Use the Jammer wall, (With most Cosmetics Locked) and have more animals! (Now 6 instead of 2) NMs also have 3 New dens! NMs can now use the Volcano, Castle, and the Princess Castle. More Music is available as well, They now can use Jammer Anthem, Jam Session, and Jam On. They can also use buddy icons, but not Nametag borders. Oh yeah, and you can click a Player's Animal to bring up their profile, instead of their Nametag. (Any player)

Update 7 is Customization Plus