Nightmare Candy Armor is an armor set at the Diamond Shop. It is only available during the Night of the Phantoms season.

Nightmare Candy Armor has phantomized and colorful candy like pieces. All of the parts are non-member.

Nightmare Candy Amulet

The Amulet is strung on a piece of black licorice. The actual Amulet part has a shadowy outline. It is a piece of generic dark orange striped candy. It costs 1 diamond.

Nightmare Candy Helmet

The Helmet is pitch black and, if looked at carefully, appears to be made out of dark chocolate. Thin stripes of frosting are shown on it to resemble phantom electricity. White chocolate phantoms are also present on each side. It costs 2 diamonds.

Nightmare Candy Armor

The Armor piece is a bulk wrapping of dark chocolate around the wearer's body. On each side, a rectangle of the dark chocolate is substituted for white chocolate. It also features a cape made of 3 pieces of black licorice, blustering about slowly, in a similar manner to wind armor. It costs 3 diamonds.

Nightmare Candy Tail Armor

Black licorice engulfs the wearer's tail. Nonpareils adorn each strip. It costs 2 diamonds.

Nightmare Candy Gauntlets

Black licorice wraps the wearer's legs like bracelets. Rectangles of dark chocolate are strapped on the wearer's toes. It costs 1 diamond.

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