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The NatGeo Bookcase is an interactive den item available for purchase at the Creativity Station's Reading Room, the Conservation Museum, and the Chamber of Knowledge.


The bookcase is the shape of a rectangular prism. There is a medium sized hole in the front face, showing two shelves of books in assorted colors. If one looks carefully, words such as "Lynx", "Pig", "Polar", and "Prize" can be seen on some of the spines. The area around the hole is yellow, representing the National Geographic logo. The top and bottom of the bookcase are green, red, or black depending on color changes.


When hovered over in a den, the bookcase will get a white outline, much like other interactive items, such as the Smoothie Machine. When clicked, it will open an interface, displaying all of the minibooks for reading, much like the interface that appears when clicking on the pedestal at the theaters.