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"Nice to meet you! I am Naomi, the African Wild Dog Alpha. Thank you for saving me!"

~Naomi on Night Fright

Naomi (drawing by me)

Naomi is the Alpha of the African Wild Dogs. She first appeared in Night Fright and once again appeared in The Savannah Guards. She is also an apprentice, and was formerly a participant of the Alpha Camp. She also has a pet meerkat named Tito.


Naomi is a tan African wild dog with brown and cream splotched patterns. She wears a golden tiara with crimson and blue stones. She wears a light blue glowing feather behind her tiara. She wears golden earring with crimson stones, a blue cape, and golden bracelets on her hind legs and tail. One of her front paws is missing and has a replacement for it.


Naomi is very smart and quick-thinking, but easily panicked. She is usually shy, and loves spending time alone. Naomi is very loyal to Jamaa and is always ready to fight to protect it.


Naomi was born in Appondale. She never knew her father, since he died in a battle of animals against Phantoms before she was born. One day, she saw a huge boulder blocking the entrace to a cave. Naomi was very curious, so she tried to move the boulder to explore the cave, but the bouler was too heavy.

One day, Naomi saw a feather floating in the breeze. Naomi decided to keep it. The next day, Naomi tried to move the boulder again, and succeeded. She soon learned that the feather had powers to make her stronger.

A few months later, Naomi's mother felt very ill. There was no cure for her, so she called Naomi and gave her a pet meerkat named Tito to remember her, and died soon after. Naomi was very sad.

When the African Wild Dog Heartstone was discovered, Naomi ran to find it. Before that, she entered the cave she always wanted to explore, but as she was at its middle, she was attacked by Phantoms. She fought them off, but she lost one of her front paws. She soon came to the Heartstone. The Alphas greeted her here, and Graham crafted a new paw for her. Naomi soon became a participant of the Alpha Camp, with Greely as her mentor. Naomi and Greely soon earned a close friendship. Naomi was soon made Alpha.


Teleportation: Naomi has the ability to teleport. This appears as a big golden feather flies down at her, whooshing her away with it.

Magical Powers: Naomi's feather helps her to move heavy objects.

Heliokinesis: Naomi can control the sun. When she sees that a Jammer is lost, she makes the sun appear from the clouds to guide the Jammer to its way.


Greely: Naomi is like a younger sister to her mentor, Greely. She listened carefully to all what he said to her, and she is almost the only animal Greely isn't harsh to.

Sir Gilbert: Naomi sometimes helps Sir Gilbert with fighting.

Liza: Naomi is a friend of Liza and she often explores with her.

Peck: Naomi is friends with Peck. She always goes with her anywhere.

Tavie: Tavie is Naomi's best friend. When Naomi feels stressed, she listens to Tavie's music to calm down.


  • She is the Alpha of the African Wild Dogs.
  • She is the youngest Alpha.
  • Her name means "pleasant one", "above all", and "beauty".
  • She is the second Alpha to have a pet, the first one being Tavie.