Mystic Harbor is a new Fan made land that is a rocky seaside. Journey Book includes, Seagulls, Puffins, Whales, Flying Fish, Sukas, Tug Boat, and a Lighthouse. You win a Pet Sized Lighthouse for completing it.


Seaside Dinner, Salty Shore Clothes, and Rocky Harbor Pets.

Mystic Harbor Puzzle Picture

Seaside Diner

Seafood Table NM: 300 gems

Clam Shell Bowl NM: 40 gems

Model Tugboat NM: 20 gems

Mystic Harbor Souvenir Key Chain (Head Item) NM: 20

Ship Horn (Members Only)

Lighthouse Den (Members Only): 3000 gems

Whistle Buoy NM: 100 gems

Wall Anchor NM: 300 Gems

Row Boat NM: 200 gems

Jet Ski (Members Only): 400 gems

Mystic Harbor Souvenir Shell NM: 40 gems

Fake Marlin (Members Only): 30 gems

Sea Turtle X-ing Sign NM: 30 gems

Salty Shore Clothes

Mystic Harbor T-Shirt NM: 300 gems

Mystic Harbor Tugboat Hat NM: 400 gems

Lighthouse Hat NM: 300 gems


Rocky Harbor Pets (Members only)

Seagull: 400 gems

Sea Lion: 400 gems

Puffin: 400 gems

Seal: 400 gems

Penguin: 400 gems

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