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Mystic Animals are animals born with an element, while the regular animals are given a gem in order to have a element. Their element gem, however, is attached to a certain body part on the animal. The most common gem placements are on the forehead. They are a part of two tribes, lead by their rulers, Queen Almai and King Inferno. Most mystic animals reside on Divinia, the land of enchant.

Element Appearances

A mystic animal's element can be found by its eyes, pattern, personality, and sometimes animal! Here's the possible options for an element (note that it doesn't include all of it, only most):

Element Eye Color Pattern Personality Animal
Fire Red / Orange Red / Orange Flames Fiery Temper Fox, Lion, Tiger
Water Blue / Green Blue Splats, representing splotches of water Calmness Any Ocean Animal
Nature / Earth Green / Brown Green Leaves / Brown Rectangular Swirls Noble, but Lazy Raccoon, Sloth, Koala
Air / Wind Light Blue / White White Swirls Has a Grand Charm Eagle / Falcon
Lightning Yellow Yellow / Orange Lightning Bolts Usually Has an Attitude Owl, Great Horned Owl, Barn Owl
Tech Grey Gears (custom) of any color, usually a shade of grey Loves Gadgets Monkey / Any Smart Animal
Color Any Color / Rainbow Splats of any color, usually bright and pastel ones Cheerful and Hyper Bunny
Ghost White White Spots / Moons Likes Night of the Phantoms Any Endangered / Extinct Animals
Luck Yellow / Green Yellow Stars / Green Horseshoes (custom) Good Thinker Horse / Kangaroo / Any type of animal meaning Good Luck
Moon / Shadow Grey / Dark Blue / Purple / Black Moons of any color, usually grey Goth Aesthetic Wolf / Direwolf / Arctic Wolf
Fairy (Suggested by Glaceon is a Ice Fox, I like eevee) Light Blue / Pink Pink Hearts or White Stars Cute, but Fierce Coyote
Spirit / Aether Any Color, relating to the Universe Stars of Any Color, usually Yellow Determination and Confidence Any Animal
Ice (Suggested by Cinder AJ, thanks!) Blue / White / Grey Snowflakes (custom) or white lightning bolts Calm, but harsh in unconfortable situations Snow leopard / Polar Bear, Arctic Wolf/Fox, Lynx


  • They have their own mortal enemies, known as the shadows, which appear as an enemy in the more recent adventures.
  • They even have an unstable form, which occurs pretty rarely. At this state, they would have the appearance of one with an unstable elements.
  • Iris is rumored to be the first mystic animal to be an alpha.
  • Mystic Animals have a few lands claimed separate from Divinia, such as Retropolis and Twilight Falls.