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Much like the locations around Jamaa with the same sort of concept, a Movie Party is a party with a movie screen, which plays the 3D Animations created by Animal Jam. The party opens up to a small flat area where the Jammer is given the options to bring food into the "Theater", which includes a Popcorn Machine (Similar to the ones found in the Member's Trading Party) and a Juice Machine (Similar to the den item bought on the cruise ship party.) There is also a small shop in the corner, selling unique items to this party only, such as a Professional Movie Camera for the players den, and a few pieces of paper with an ink well called "Scripts". The player is then invited to sit down and watch movies with other Jammers, with mats set out for the occasion.

Things to do:

  • A party exclusive shop featuring movie and play making props.
  • Food "Minigames"
  • Animal Jam Video Playing Screen.

"Big Screen Bargains"

Big Screen Bargains is a shop located to the left of the movie screen. Some of the things that are sold include...

  • "Scripts" -- A few pieces of paper with some un intelligible scribbles on them. An inkwell rests near them towards the top left hand corner. This is non-member item, and can be placed in a den.
  • "Red Carpet" -- A den item for members only, consisting of a "Red Carpet", with cut off barriers at the sides. It can be placed down and walked over. It is considered a "Rug"
  • "Movie Horn" One of those cone things people shout into, with the handle on the side. It's Members only, and can be placed in their den.
  • "3D Glasses" A wearable item for Non-Members, it's worn on the face, and comes in a few different variants. (Blue/Red, Green/Orange, Purple/Pink, ect...)
  • "Bucket Hat" A popcorn bucket, upside down, as if dumped upside down on their head, on-top of a Jammers head. It's Member only, and comes in a few different variants, with the base color changing every time.