Mira's Spirit is an adventure for level 6 jammers. It is set between before the events of spirit adventure and is set after The Adventure twins.


The level starts in a gloomy bay. You are told by Hudson (the OFFICIAL otter alpha) that the Gust Phantoms are harming Mira Bay, an important landmark in Jamaa history which Hudson protects. You must catch black Gust Phantoms in Stream Plants (Cerulean Chomper Plants that soak Gust Phantoms and destroy them) and corral white Gust Phantoms into the Spirit Temple Chutes which provide energy to Mira's Spirit Temple. After all the Gust Phantoms are caught, the Gust Phantom King shows up. You must retreat to Hudson's Giga Stream Plant and activate it when the King comes. However it doesn't ward him off for long. The King puts Hudson into a deep sleep. The Spirit Temple begins to shake and Mira's Spirit rises from the Temple. Unlike other AJ Adventures, this uses more keyboard control. You must repeatedly press the space bar (you can't chat during this phase) to use Mira's Spirit Power and defeat the king. Hudson becomes conscious again and you are thanked by the alpha and Mira's Spirit. You can once again access the animal caves but this time with no hazards. The White End Portal opens and the level is complete!


By entering the White End Portal, you can access one of these prizes.

  • Stream Plant Sproutlets (den)
  • Mira Spirit Glove (clothes)
  • Pet Spirit Temple (den)
  • Golden Mira Cap (clothes)
  • 1,000 gems
  • 2,000 gems


  • This is the first adventure to feature Gust Phantoms, Stream Plants, the Gust Phantom King, Hudson, Mira's Spirit, Mira Bay and the Spirit Temple.
  • There are animal gates for Otters and Penguins.