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Midnight Clock is a fan-based adventure. It is members only and would be for levels 3 and up. It is also a Seasonal Adventure which only appears on Halloween/Night of the Phantoms.


Midnight Clock takes place at a strange clock tower. Broken Stars is standing in front of the player along with all the other Alphas, except Greely for some reason. Broken Stars takes no notice and begins to give instructions.

"The Phantom King has made another portal to try and invade Jamaa, and there's one way to stop it. See that clock up there?"

The player's camera goes up a few feet and shows a large clock.

"We have to fix that clock in order to stop him from invading the portal."

Suddenly, LaSalle, the Raccoon Alpha, interrupts. "How will that stop the portal?" Broken Stars throws a boomseed at her, and it narrowly passes her head. "Did I say you could ask questions? No."

Broken Stars explains that the clock is currently set to 9:00 PM, and when he starts the clock, Phantoms will begin to arrive, and the Alphas will have to use Boomseeds and Chomper Plants to hold them back. During that time the player will have to wait until the clock goes around and reaches 9 PM again, then stop the clock at 9:00 PM exactly. If the player fails the Alphas and the player will have to wait until the clock reaches 9:00 PM again, and so on.

After the clock is stopped at the correct time, the Phantom King's portal will close and the player will recieve a reward.


Top Left: Vial of Black Sand

Top Middle: Peck's Paintbrush

Top Right: Random Tiger Armor item

Bottom Left: Glove Hat (existing AJ item)

Bottom Right: 4,000 Gems