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Midnight is a members only adventure that is a level 6 and in hard mode is level 8. This adventure is a counting down adventure while you have to save all the alphas from the Phantom king until midnight comes. This adventure is the second timing as it times you until midnight has fallen. This adventure was made after Mira's Spirit.

Midnight's logo (A fox holding a torch and a lighting while Mira is watching over and a phantom creeps out) (This also does not have the Midnight word on the logo.)

Playing it

When you first enter the adventure, it will have a storm in the sky. You'll see Stripe. Stripe will tell you that you have to take a burning torch and go into the Midnight Cave. He'll also tell you to go fight phantoms with boomseeds and there will be a boomseed pile that you can pick up. The last thing he'll say how much time you have. He will warn you that the time counts down until Midnight has fallen. As midnight falls, you'll lose but you'll try again. The time you have is 13 minutes long. As you enter the Midnight Cave, You'll see phantom lighting shapes. As you pick it up, it'll add to the bar that will earn you prizes along the way. You'll have to earn 50 lighting, than 70, than 108, than 300. As you collect the prizes there will be a member gift box for which prizes you'll get. (The member prize box is the same as the boxes in Jamaaliday rescue and not the same gifts.) Along the way you'll have to fight phantoms, once you defeat a phantom with a boomseed, there will be 2 lighting for you to collect. If you reach all the way to the end of the Midnight Cave, there will be a creepy door with a phantom lock on it, than Mira's spirit will come back to you. Mira will say that you have to find the key to unlock the door, as if you don't have alot of time, you'll be lucky. Mira's spirit will give you more time for the key searching. (She might give you 7 or 8 more minutes for searching the key.) As you find the key, you'll earn more lighting as if the lighting earning might be 4 or 5. Mira will be waiting at the door as you come back to her. Mira's spirt will say: "Good, you found the phantom door key! Now you'll go inside the room and see if the alphas are in there! But hurry! You don't have that much time!" As you enter the room there will be a mini clip (Mini clips as seen in The Great Escape.) The mini clip will be the phantom king making an evil laugh as he locks Peck into a cage where the other alphas are locked in. The clip will be over as Mira will say: "The Phantom King has stole the alphas! You should fight the Phantom King and the other phantoms as I go find the keys to open the cages with the alphas!" Mira's spirt will go away as you'll enter the battling of the Phantom king and phantom. There's no time limit anymore as you fight. As you defeat the Phantom king and other phantoms with bomb seeds, Mira's spirit will come back and she'll say: "I found the keys to unlock the Alphas! Stand back!" As she opens the cages the alphas will get out. Than the alphas will have a turn to talk: "Wow, you're the bravest of all of us!" Peck will says. " We will like to give you something as an award for your honor and bravery." Sir Gilbert says. Then the screen with 5 rewards will be there as you click on one and get a free prize. (This has nothing to do with the lighting) Then a portal to exit Midnight will appear and gives to access to leave the adventure.


  • This adventure is related to The Hive, Bitter sweets, The Forgotten Desert, The Great Escape, and Jamaaliday Rescue because its dark, Timing, Stormy, and you get to collect items.
  • This is the second adventure to have Mira/Mira's spirit in it.
  • This is the second adventure to have a thunder storm in it, the first being The Great Escape.
  • This is the first time the Phantom Plush came back and the first time it was a prize in an adventure.


These are all the Prizes and they are members.

Mira Statue

Small Portal

Phantom in a pen

Phantoms portal


3,000 gems.


Open a chest at the end and receive a prize!


1,000 gems (Top left chest)

2,000 gems (Top center chest)

Phantom cave (Small) (Top right chest)

Small Phantom Waterfall (Bottom left chest)

Small Phantom King Statue (Bottom Right chest)