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The Log Cabin Den Is a Members only den that costs 6 Diamonds.


It is a large cabin made of wooden logs, it has two stories. The first story is a large flat main room with many smaller rooms in it. It has a built-in cobblestone fireplace, and has birch-wood floors. the walls are the cut-in half logs. The second floor is smaller and has only a few rooms. there are multiple wooden windows. The roof is made of large wooden planks on top and the trims and edges are decorated with darker wooden logs.

The garden and outdoor area has a lot of North American trees, like birch, oak, and maple trees.

During Summer, all the trees are bright green, the grass and bark is more vibrant and easy to see.

During Winter, all the leaves are gone, the ground is a pale brown, and there is a light covering of snow, the snow piles up the longer the play stays in the den.

During Spring, all the trees are starting to grow buds and will slowly become leaves, the longer the player stays in the den.

During Fall, all the trees start to change color and shed their leaves this also happens over the time spent in the den. The grass becomes a pale browns as a frost hits.


This den changes appearance with seasons, it has snow on in during winter, and leaves around during fall.

When placing a flooring (with the exception of Wood Floor) it instead makes rugs or of the flooring.