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The Liger is an Animal-Hybrid crossed between a Tiger and a Lion and are for Members-Only. They cost 10 diamonds insted of 1,000 gems.

A Liger


They have a small mane And a Long tail which is like the tiger's. It has Yellow eyes and a pink nose. For Color 1 they have Orange-Gold fur. For Color 2 thier other fur is Tan-Yellow. They have black Stripes like the Tiger.


Dance: It stands on two legs and puts it's right paw up then it's left paw up then twirls Left and Right.

Play: A ball appears, The Liger rolls it to the left then the right then starts playing with it. (The Ball can change color depending on it's Color 2).

Sleep: It sleeps with one paw tucked under it's head while tail thumps on the ground.

Hop: Hops like the tiger but not high.

Sit: It sits the closest to the other wild felines.


  • It is similar to the Lynx.
  • They are almost the same size as the Elephant.
  • When the Liger walks or Runs, it's ears bend down.
  • They have an animated short called "Hunted"