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The leopard is a member only animal in the diamond shop for 10 diamonds. It is slightly bigger than the snow leopard, has a fluffier tail, and has a big head as a tiger's.


The leopard has a bigger head than a snow leopard. It has a smooth pelt and a fluffy tail. its ears are pointed like a cat and its body is a little fatter than the snow leopard. When you first get the leopard; it has a gold/yellow pelt and brown spots. It has aqua eyes and its underbelly color is tan.


Dance: Does a bobbing-head like dance like a chicken.

Play: The leopard sits down onto it's belly looking cutely then pounces.

Hop: The leopard hops like a human, only with four paws.

Sleep: The leopard sleeps on its belly with its paws tucked in.

Sit: Sits like a snow leopard but its paws are hiding because of back paws and its tails up.


  • The alpha is Emperor, for its strength and speediness.