The Lakehouse den is a den idea that is inspred by a large cabin with a lake view patio and porch, the den costs 10 diamonds and takes place at dusk with the sun resting over the lake, as the stars just start coming out.


The Lakehouse Den is a medium sized den with a large outdoor patio/porch on stilts over the lake water with a large lake in front of it. The inside of the den is large and cabin-like and has room for many small items and a built in cobblestone fireplace and large sliding-glass doors leading to the lake front patio. the outside patio is large and made of a dark wood, the walls are simple design with a cross of small wood wrapping around with lights weaved in the spaces, the patio leave for for decorations. 

Outside has a stairs leading down under the patio to a small beach with lights, 

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