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Lake Decid is a small lake surrounded by trees, this differs from Sarepia Forest , the trees here are deciduous , or trees that shed during autumn/fall.  On the northern shore is a small dock that players can use to go fishing.

Journey Book

Bass: Found under the dock only after the player clicks it.

Common Loon: Can be found in the center of the lake, but they will fly off after a while and come back

Bullfrog with Eggs: Is found near eastern shore after some time.

Bats: Can be found at western shore.

Trout: Can be seen swimming out in the southern shore, by river's mouth.

Black Bear: A player must click on an apple tree in the northwestern part of the forest, and the bear that pops out will eat a few apples.

Algae: This is seen growing under the docks and will come up after a short time to click.

Maple Tree: This tree is growing on the southeast shore.

Barred Owl: Will be seen only if a player scares a mouse out by clicking on a fallen acorn.

Oak Tree: Is found on South-South eastern shore.

Prize: Dessy Plushie


"Decid" comes from "deciduous" or leaf shedding

"Dessy" is a mythical supposed creature based loosely on Nessie and Champ

Due to the land's seasonal nature the Journey Book isn't always completable 100% of the year