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This is Part 9 of a long list of Updates I want for Animal Jam.


The Jammerpocolypse is a Special Gamemode for Members Only. It would Release on the Friday Following the Shadow of the Wolves Adventure.

The Player is dropped into a MASSIVE world overrun by Evil Phantomized Jammer Zombies! It is your job to find resources, help other players, and Stay Alive until the game timer (Approx. 120 Hours) reaches Zero, and the cure is found. A Player Has 5 Hearts, But Can Get More From Armor. Players find chests across the map, containing items to build forts, Armor to Build Health, Candy to regain health, and weapons to fend off the Jammer Zombies. Jammer Zombies act similar to normal Phantoms, but with different animations, and dredging audio. They mostly resemble Wolves, Bunnies, and Tigers. They can only be "Killed" By a player wielding an Alpha Sword, or Pouring Mira Water on the Body from a Light Point. (Similar to Respawners, but bigger and White. With a Mira Water Well) Special "Boss Jammer Zombies" Appear throughout the map, Resembling a Giant Phantomized Arctic Wolf, Snow Leopard, or Lion. They Act like Phantom Kings, and will explode once defeated, Leaving Behind a chest with a good item in it. (Stone Swords, Crystal Bows, Etc.) When a player is killed by the Zombies, the player is kicked from the Adventure, receives their rewards, (More in a minute) and cannot enter again until the round is over. A Boss Zombie then appears where they died. Players who leave the Adventure on their own terms respawn at the hub area, and can keep exploring. Rewards are given out once the Player either Dies, or the Game Timer Ends. They are as follows:

-ULTIMATE SURVIVOR Survive the whole game with at least The DESTROYERDETHRONER, and STRONGEST STANDER Awards. Reward: A Black Long Collar Or A Headdress

-DESTROYER Subdue or Kill over 500 Jammer Zombies. Reward: A Good Long Collar

-PURGER Subdue or Kill over 250 Jammer Zombies. Reward: A Beta Well, Beta Flower Barrel, Beta Flower Bush, Or Beta Carrot Patch

-BLASTER Subdue or Kill over 100 Jammer Zombies. Reward: A Phantoms! Prize

-DETHRONER Kill 50 Boss Zombies. Reward: 5 Den Betas

-CONQUEROR Kill 25 Boss Zombies. Reward: 3 Den Betas

-ABOLISHER Kill 10 Boss Zombies. Reward: A Den Beta

-LAST STANDER Be One of the last Players when the Player Count drops below 10 in the Last 3 Hours of the game. (You Must Play until the Game Ends Or Die to get the Award). Reward: A Decent to Good Long Collar

-STRONGEST STANDER Have Played in a Game for at least 10 Hours. Reward: Phantom Trophy

-STILL STANDING Have Played in a Game for at least 5 Hours. Reward: A Battle For The Beacon Item

-STANDING DEVOTEE Have Played in a Game for at least 3 Hours. Reward: Gold Alpha Statue (New Item)

-REALLY!? Die Within 5 Minutes of Starting. Reward: A Clothing Beta

-YOU TRIED, RIGHT? Die Within 15 Minutes of Starting. Reward: A Diamond Shop Spiked Collar

-UNLUCKY. JUST UNLUCKY. Die Within Half an Hour of Starting. Reward: Random Adventure Prize

You will only receive the prize at the top of the list. (If you get Last Stander, you will only receive a Decent to Good Long Collar, not a Phantom trophy, or Battle for the Beacon Items. If you get Ultimate Survivor, You will only get a Black Long Collar or a Headdress, and nothing else, Even from the other achievements.)

New Items (Found in Secret Chests) Light Mira Well. Phantomized Arctic Wolf Boss Trophy. Phantomized Zombie Stack Statue. Crystal Phantom King Statue. Pet Light Point. Pet Wastelands. Pet Phantom Castle.

The Music That Plays can be changed between Battle For The Beacon, The Phantom Vortex, or The Phantom Badlands.

A 12-Hour Demo Would be accessible to all Jammers on the release day, allowing NMs to get the stage prizes, and such the like. No final prizes would be given out on this day, as it is the Demo.

Update 10 is the Secret Shops Reveal.