The Item Creator would be something that would let Jammers create their own items. It would cost 5 diamonds and anyone could do it. Your item would have to be approved by AJHQ.

How to Use

After the item is purchased, Jammers would click on it and choose from one of the thousands of templates provided from one of the 3 categories: Rare Items, Diamond Items and Gem Items. After they choose, they get sent to the Item Editor. Once there Jammers get to decorate the item however they like. When they are finished, they have the option to send their created item to AJHQ so they can get it approved for 5,000 Gems for Gem items, 5 Diamonds for Diamond Items and 10 Diamonds for Rare Items.


Like Masterpieces, this Item Creator has its own rules.

  • No creating an item that is offensive to anyone.
  • Do not create an item with anything inappropriate.
  • Don't create an item that has any cuss words in it.

Appearance and Location

The Item Creator would be at the Diamond Shop and the Art Studio.

(If you have any ideas of what it would look like, put them down below!)

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