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The Interactive Pets would make Pets more interactive and give them each a stat menu.


Every Pet has three basic needs: Enjoyment, Health and Energy. Failure to maintain these stats will not have any negative consequences (aside from a few visual effects like a muddy Pet). However, there are benefits to keeping your Pets' stats high, including some exclusive prizes.

Enjoyment: This stat is raised simply by interacting with your Pet. As you perform other actions such as feeding or grooming your pet, this stat will rise. The higher your Pet's affection stat is, the slower its other stats will drop. Affection will drop over time simply for gameplay reasons, but can easily be restored by interacting with your Pet. Playing with a toy also contributes to this stat. Pets also have a favorite toy (found on their Adoption Certificate; some restore Energy instead, such as the Haunted Tree House for a Rare Pet Phantom), which will raise their Affection stat considerably when they play with it in your Den.

Energy: As you play with or walk around with your Pet, it will gradually become tired. This stat can be quickly restored up to about 3/4 of the way by feeding your Pet. In order to completely maximize this stat, you must allow your Pet time to rest on a special item in your Den and gradually restore its energy. Feeding a Pet its favorite food (found on its Adoption Certificate and available in the Pet Shop for Gems) will also boost your Pet's affection extra; all Pets will receive this benefit from eating Magic Crackers (which are more expensive than other foods).

Health: Occasionally, your Pet will become sick. This can be solved by giving it medicine, or it will resolve itself over time if you allow your Pet time to rest. In addition, your Pet may become dirty as it walks around, especially in mud. You can fix this by grooming it, or in some cases simply by walking through clear water like in the Crystal Sands. You can brush your Pet or give it a bath, in addition to purchasing medicine from the Pet Shop for Gems. You can receive a discount on medicines if you purchase a Recipe (you don't actually make the medicines yourself, but that's the reason for the discount).


-The original concept for this mechanic was contributed by Libertyy.

-This mechanic is based off of a similar mechanic in the 2008 Nickelodeon game Petpet Park.