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Ice Cave Ruins is a room. It is located at the Seal Door in Mt. Shiveer. Only seals can enter. 


Inside Ice Cave Ruins is frozen prehistoric carvings. Even some prehistoric and ice age creatures are in there like Pterodactyls, Stegosaurus, Saber-tooth Tigers, and others. At the end is a giant frozen Woolly Mammoth. 

Journey Book

There is a Journey Book to it:

T-rex: Located behind the Woolly Mammoth.

Purple Ice: Located on the top of the Pterodactyl.

Dead Frozen Prehistoric Flowers: Located on the ground.

Snow Hare: Located in the front of the room, hopping from the ice door to the inside for 7 seconds. 

Saber-Tooth Tiger: Located frozen on the top of the room, upside down. 

Prize: Ice Cliff