Hypnotizer Phantom

The hypnotizer phantom is a type of phantom that appears in the adventure Chaos Realm.


the hypnotizer phantom's body is blue, it's sclera is black and it's pupil is red. It has black spikes instead of oval parts, and has yellow spikes on top of the head left and right, and in the middle is a small grey spike. It is also larger than normal phantoms.

Hypnotizer phantom.png
i drew this in paint 3d


The hypnotizer phantom acts like a normal phantom, with the exception of being able to roam around freely. It's line of sight is larger than normal phantoms, and when in the player is in the line of sight, they are exposed to eye contact, which if done, will make a distorted version of the normal phantom sound, and then will use a jumpscare looking like an Elder Guardian to the player, and then hypnotize the player, and if hypnotized, will go to other phantoms, and then avoiding all types of plants that harm phantoms. The player will also attack other players, and the player. All of the hypnotizing powers last for 10 seconds, and cannot be stopped as the player cannot move with arrow keys or mouse click.


  • i had this idea when i watched a series. In one of the episodes, someone got hypnotized, so i came up with this. And the guy who hypnotized the other guy stole his money.
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