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The Hynerpeton was a medium sized prehistoric amphibian that lived in the late devonian.

In Animal Jam, this animal is the size of a Crocodile and is coloured like the one from Walking with Monsters. It can't be bought through normal means. First, you have to take a portal to the devonian time period of Jamaa, and buy a Hynerpeton fossil from a small shack . Then, you have to wait for ten real life minutes for it to be suitable for cloning. Once its ready, a black picture of it will appear, saying if you want to clone it. If you say yes, it'll take you to a minigame in a similar format to the pet games. Its like a quiz where you have to answer ten questions. you have to get at least five right. if you succeed, you'll get to pick it from the animal dashboard.Normal animal stuff continues from here like naming it, Etc. Once its in the game, it'll look like a cheetah with a chubby finned tail, sprawled out legs and a cheetah head.


:play: It does a sort of push up, hopping up and down, with its mouth open when its finished going up.

:dance: It does the same dance as an otter's.

:sit: similar to the rhino's.

:sleep: it does the same action as a panda's.


.In reality, it was two meters long and was the height of a person's ankle.

.its name means "creeping animal from Hyner".