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Note: I'll be adding more soon!
Note: I'll be adding more soon!
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The Hyenas Only Party is a party that only hyenas can get into. It takes place at nighttime with a crescent moon faze.


When you enter, there will be a ladder to climb up a treehouse. (The treehouse does not look like the Treehouse den) When you get onto the treehouse, there will be floor lights are bright. It also has a hyena claw on the left side. On the second floor will have more lights and a shop on the end side on the right. On the third floor is the last floor where there is a big crescent moon above you. There will be trees on each side. If you click on the moon, then a floating full moon appears next to you. On the ground, on the left will be a stage and seats to tell jokes.


The song is called "Laughing is what everything's about." You can also buy the song on the third floor.


These are the items:


Red Nose Ball - 100 gems, Everyone

Comedian Bowtie - 100 gems, Everyone

Bow and arrow hat - 200 gems, Members-only

Red Top hat - 1,000 gems, Members-only


Chicken - 90 gems, Everyone

Joke telling stage - 4,000 gems, Members-only

Joke telling seat - 200 gems - Members-only

Note: I'll be adding more soon!