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The Hippo is a members only land and sea animal. They cost 10 diamonds in the Diamond Shop. They are the hippopotamus and is about the size of a rhino.


When first bought, the hippo is colored a dull pink (color 1 of the fox when first bought) for its body and white for its underbelly for color 2. Its eyes are round which is colored green.



Dance: They do a weak Lion Dance (not the lion dance as in the lion on Animal Jam).

Play: It starts playing bowling.

Hop: They hop the same hight as a rhino when its legs look like its stomping.

Sleep: They sleep on with knee bended over and rest tucked in with tail moving a little.

Sit: They sit like a real hippo would do.


Dance: It does an underwater ballet dance.

Play: It starts playing peekaboo.

Swirl: It swirls slowly with its "hooves" moving a little.

Dive: It dives slowly, then randomly water pulls it up fast.


  • They have an animated short called "Can't Sleep".
  • They are about the size of a rhino.
  • They are once again, underwater and a land animal.