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Hide and Seek is a new mini-game. There is another mode calledProp Hunt.

To play it you must use the adventures tab. up to 10 players can play. Someone randomly starts as the seeker.

All other players must hide. before the seeker can come out, the hiders get a 20 second head start. As a hider, you may change your animal's color 10 second before the game starts. You may also use clothing. This game gives out currency called Points. To get points, you have to survive for long as you can. For a Seeker you must find other players. each person can only be seeker once per map. Only a Seekers' nametag will be visible.

Points can be used to buy 

The Holiday Maps 

Map related items 


Traded in for gems 

Extra change time (once per game) 

invisibility Potion (once per game) 

If the seeker finds someone they become a seeker as well.

Map Section: you may choose a map, you be put into a group playing in that map. if no one is playing the map, you get a message stating "No One is in this map, you would be awfully lonely"

Example: if a player picks Sarepia Forest, then they will be transported to a group playing on that map. However if no one was in said map, you be asked to try one in use. (noted by a # of player icon next to it)

Maps are of the Jamaasian lands, and some phatom maps.

Basic Maps: Jamaa Township (changes with season), Sarepia Forest, Kimbara Outback, Appondale, Temple of Zios, Mt.Shiveer, Cocoa Hut, Coral Canyons, Phantom Fortress.

Special Holiday only maps: Jamaaliday Rescue!(December), Twists and Turns! (November), Bitter Sweets! (October)