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The Heartbreaker Armor Set is an armor set at the Diamond Shop. It's only sold during the Friendship Festival.

Heartbreaker Helmet

The Heartbreaker Helmet is a helmet made out of dark red metal in a heart shape. There is an emblem on the helmet's "forehead" has a hot pink heart on it with a long crack running down the middle of it. It costs 2 diamonds.

Heartbreaker Amulet

The Heartbreaker Amulet is a hot pink heart with a crack on it, strung on some crimson string. It costs 1 diamond.

Heartbreaker Armor

The Heartbreaker Armor is some dark crimson armor with a hot pink heart pattern on it. On the hearts are long cracks. Attached to the armor are a pair of black shadow-y dragon wings with a dark gray outline. It costs 3 diamonds.

Heartbreaker Gauntlets

The Heartbreaker Gauntlets are dark crimson gauntlets. On the top of them, there is a hot pink heart symbol with a crack on it. The tips of the gauntlets' "toes" have hot pink claws on them. It costs 1 diamond.

Heartbreaker Tail

The Heartbreaker Tail is a long dark crimson sheathe that covers up the animal's entire tail that resembles a dragon's tail. At the end of the tail is a thin heart-shaped "scale" that is hot pink with a crack on it.