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Captain Squidy

This a new summertime only game (US summer)

To play you must buy a jet ski.


Use the arrow keys to move your avatar around a racetrack. grab any power ups along the way,

Once you win your first race you will win two tokens and a trophy for your den that says "First Win'

The race get harder based on how many wins you have.

once you have 10 wins, you will be able to race other players.

in Single Player Mode, you can chose one of 7 playable characters and you animal.

Each character adds stats to your ski. (With exception of your animal)

Captain Squidy the phantom: Well rounded-stats

Peck: Fast, but hard to control

Sir Gilbert: A bit slow, but steers well.

Liza: Basic starter

Greely: Does well on strait paths

Graham: Can grab double powerups, but can not turn well.

Cosmo: Turns well, goes fast, but has to use a power up right away.

in Multiplayer, you can only use your animal.


First Win!: Win one race.

Updated: Make an upgrade

Swag: add a pattern.

Champion: win 10 games

Best Host: Win as Captain Squidy

Speedy: put all upgrades in the speed stat.