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The Gifting Party

The Gifting Party is a party that comes out in fall and is on quite often. It's to encourage the idea of sharing and to celebrate Thanksgiving during fall.


It's set in a small log cabin with leaves and trees everywhere. There's a picnic blanket on the ground and a shop on it. Another shop it set up inside the log cabin, appearing beside spawn as a shelf with items on it.

There is a fireplace outside and little wooden benches.


In the gifting party, all jammers can gift and receive gifts.

You also receive gifts from the party. Claw machines produce decent rares such as RIMs, items that aren't in shops, and diamond items.

However, if you don't gift somebody in the next 3-5 minutes, you get kicked out with a notification similar to the Locked Den notice, saying: "Oops! The gifting party is for gifting others!"

To use the claw machine a second time you need to gift somebody.

If you want an item from the shops you need to gift somebody.


There are two shops at the Gifting Party:

Clothing Cupboard - The Clothing shop

  • Red Bandana
  • Topaz Ring
  • Epic Glove
  • Conch Necklace
  • Feather Headress

Thankful Things - The Den shop