The Gharial is a fan-made members-only land animal. It is sold for 10 diamonds in the Diamond Shop.

Default Appearance

Default Appearance

The Gharial appears to be sleek, slim, and has a long snout. The Gharial also has a scaly back. It has rows of deadly teeth, and uses them to hunt for prey. They have webbed feet, much like Crocodiles and Alligators. Often, Gharials' are a leafy green color for color 1. It is light green white for color 2. Most blend in with salt water, or the ground. 


Sit: N, W, S, E: Sits like a crocodile.

Dance: Puts webbed feet forward and shakes body, with it's tail going sideways. 

Sleep: Falls on ground and sleeps on back. 

Hop: Hops a medium length in air.

Play: A pond appears and the Gharial dives in, finding fish then opens it's mouth, and snaps at it. 


  • The Gharial is the second crocodilian in Jamaa. 
  • It is the fourth animal that consists of obtaining food, the others were the Deer, Eagle, and the Beaver (fan-made)
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