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The Gazelle cost 1,000 gems and is for all jammers. They are like the deer, but kind of different.



The Gazelle when bought will be tan on its body for color 1 and white on its belly for color 2. It also has a stripe pattern that was not in the common pattern list. The stripe is brown. It also has horns which cannot be removed and not colored which is the color brown again. They have light blue eyes as the normal eyes looking like an owls eyes when you first get it.


Dance: They do a common victory dance and spins at the end.

Play: They put their heads down and charges with its horns back and fourth.

Sleep: Sleeps with tail up and body spread out.

Hop: Hops like its galloping.

Sit: Sits on ground with front hooves crossed and back hooves tucked in and head looking up.