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Gardens are a fanmade idea, any jammer can buy a Garden for 1000 Gems and buy Seeds, Mulch, Watering Cans, and more. Once a Jammer buys a Garden, They will get a bag of 5 Apple Seeds and 5 Pear Seeds, a Pink and Blue Watering Can, And a Grey Shovel, Their Garden can then be found by clicking a blue button with a tree standing next to the Den button. Jammers can only have one Garden.

Planting and buying Seeds

Jammers can plant Seeds in their Garden by digging a hole in the ground with a shovel, They must also water the plants to keep them up, Seeds, Shovels, Watering Cans and other things can be found in a shop called "Jamaa Garden Shop", Some plants take 5 or more minutes to finish growing, some take hours, Some plants take a whole day, Unless they use 1 Diamond (or 1000 Gems) to finish the plant. In the shop, You can see how many hours or minutes the Seeds have to grow by clicking the info button.

Harvesting and Currency Bag

Harvesting a plant will take the fruit/flowers from the plant or flower, The plant will then turn into a currency, Which goes into your Currency Bag, Similar to the Bag from Graham's Workshop, There are then 11 kinds of Currencies in the bag. For fruit, berries, Or vegetables, There are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Black, and Unknown (Example: A fruit in 2 colors), For flowers, They only have 1 currency, Which is simply called Flower. Plants without fruit or food (like clovers) Have also a currency, This currency is simply called Plant.

Converting into Items

Plants, Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers, and Berries can be converted into Items once a Jammer has enough of one, two, or more of the currencies, For example, 12 Red fruits and 5 Black berries can be converted into a Raspberry Rug in a Black variety. The converting shop can be found by clicking a hammer at the top right corner of the screen while in the Garden.

Selling a Garden

If a Jammer no longer wants their garden, They can Sell the Garden by clicking a green button showing Gems and a Tree. They can then sell the Garden right away for 500 Gems, But they will also be warned that they cannot get their old garden back, And not the currency back too, After they have sold the Garden, They can buy a new one for 1000 Gems, They then start over from scratch if they buy a new Garden.