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The Fruit bat is a fan made land animal. It can only be purchased in October (night of the Phantoms). They are for all jammers and cost 1050 gems. They can fly. They appear as Flying Foxes, and are about as big as an owl.


Dance: It does the quickstep

Play: A mango appears in the bat's paws and the bat devours it hungrily.

Sit: Wings are curled up

sleep: A small sapling appears and the bat sleeps upside down on one of its little branches.

Hop: Jumps up, flaps its wings 5 times (staying airborne) and comes back down to the ground.



  • Fruit Bats are the smallest animals in Animal Jam.
  • They are almost the size of a bunny, but not quite.
  • They have a pet counterpart, the pet bat.