Foxes Only Party

The Foxes Only Party is a party only accessible by foxes, fennec foxes, and arctic foxes.

The Party

The fox party takes place in an Enchanted Hollow den with a new theme (rock remix of Coral Canyons titled "Predators") playing. Bunny Holes appear in the den along with a band stage (just like the wolf party). There is a claw machine yielding foxes, arctic foxes, and fennec fox plushies. There is also a store burrowed into a wall. A bunny hole is present featuring a quivering bunny with a music speaker on his head. He has a sale label in front on his hole and, if clicked on, will bring up the music shop.



  • Magic Bunny Hat (magician's hat that will occasionally flip and reveal a rabbit)
  • Fox Plush Hat (Fox Plushie worn on the head)
  • Fennec Fox Plush Hat (Fennec Fox Plushie worn on the head)
  • Big Fox Shoes (Cozy Shoes with Fox coloring)
  • Predator Bandana (Biker Style Bandana with angry fox emblem)

Den Items

  • Rabbit Hole
  • Adventure Twins Poster
  • Fox PiƱata
  • Bunny Speaker


  • Predators
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