Forgotten Valley is a fanon made area in Animal Jam. It is the land plot above Appondale and to the left of Mt. Shiveer.
Forgotten Valley

The location of the Forgotten Valley

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The cave in Appondale


The Forgotten Valley was discovered by the hyenas from returning from their travels.


The big cavern in Appondale leads to the valley suggesting that the cavern is a curve. You can go back to Appondale by going to the edge of the center river past the sign. Their is also a wooden bridge ramp leading to Mt. Shiveer.

The Valley

There is a river and small puddles running through the middle. The rest is made of grass and features assorted rocks. Three of the rocks are actually wells featuring signs (bamboo stalks for den store, AJ Wristband for clothing store, giraffe silhouette for adoption center). There are assorted bamboo stalks around. There is also a bamboo treehouse that is bigger on the inside.

Valley Caverns

Valley Caverns sells den items.


  • Growing Bamboo Pot
  • Bamboo Stalks
  • Rocking Giraffe
  • Giraffe Stone Statue
  • Elephant Stone Statue
  • Rhino Stone Statue
  • Stone Wall Decoration
  • TBA

Valley Stitches

Valley Stitches sells clothing items.


  • Elephant Tusk Necklace
  • Safari Pattern Hoodie
  • Giraffe Cap
  • TBA

Jamaa Hope

Jamaa Hope is a pillow room like area for the purpose of adopting. It is filled with Animal Print Pillows.


  • Animal Print Pillow
  • Epic Animal Print Cot


  • The Are where it is place is balloosh.
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