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Flying Squirrels are non-member flying animals that are sold in the Diamond Shop for 7 diamonds.


The flying squirrel is light brown for color one and white for color 2. They have tiny nostrils and black eyes. Flying squirrels have their own pattern, which are tiny versions of splotches on their tail and right wing.


Dance: They open and flap their wings and twirl.

Play: They fly and a tree spawns, the squirrel sits in a nest and shifts off.

Sleep: The flying squirrel lands and curls up into a ball, closing its eyes.

Sit: The flying squirrel lands and folds its wings.

Hop: They hop high with their wings open.


*Flying squirrels are the second smallest flying animals, the Hummingbird being the first (if there is one) and the owl being the third

*They have their own animated short called Ready...Set...Go!