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The flamingo is a land animal released to everyone in the Diamond Shop for 5 diamonds.


The default flamingo, like the fox, has a pattern. In this case, the pattern is colored black with for its wings, and beak-tip. The flamingo is a tall, lean animal. Their colors when first bought are peach for its body for color 1 and light grey for its beak, legs, and feet for color 2. They have round eyes with the color black, too.


Dance: It puts its feather out while its head is moving in a circle while the Flamingo does a tap dance and a spin.

Play: It starts twirling on one foot.

Hop: It hops lower than a crocodile with one foot crossed.

Sleep: It sleeps on the ground with its feet tucked in the body and head up.

Sit: It stand up with it leg crossed.