Fish Armor Set

Fish armour sketch.png

Fish Armor Set is a Armor Set that unlike other Armor Sets (but like the Phantom Armor Set), you can only obtain it on "The Lost Raccoon (part 2)" adventure on hard mode. You can use this item to look like a fish. This item is for everyone.

Fish helmet

It is a fish-themed motorcycle helmet.

Fish armor

The fish armor is a little square with a fin on it.

Fish tail armor

It is like a fish tail, but it moves to left and right on each second.

Fish gauntlets

It is like the paws from a fish.

Fish necklace

It is a little black rope on the neck with a white fish figure.


  • The Fish Gauntlets can make 30% damage on Adventures.
  • You can get it from The Lost Raccoon cause once Butterfly used it before he meet Winny.
  • The phantoms said that Winny once used it to fight with a Tiger that was disguised from a phantom, but that's untrue.
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