The first day it was released, it was 1,000 gems for non-members and free for members.

The Fennec Fox can be purchased by members for 1000 gems. 


The default fennec fox has tan fur (color 1) and lavender inside its big ears (color 2). It has half moon like eyes in black for default.

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  • Dance: Lays on back, curls up and spins
  • Sit: Identical to fox
  • Play: Does handstand, lifts one paw and balances
  • 2
    Hop: Identical to fox
  • Sleep: Lays on belly, shuts eyes and swings tail back and forth
  • Idle: Stands with it's tail swishing back and forth slowly.


  • The Fennec Fox can be earned for free on the day it is released, then goes to 1000 gems.
  • It is the second equivalent of the fox, the first being the arctic fox.
  • Ear items on Fennec Foxes are usually high up since of how high the ears are.