Animal Jam Fanon Wiki

The Felines Only Party would be a party available to all Jammers with a feline. They would include: Cheetah, Cougar, Tiger, Lion, and the Snow Leopard.


It would have many different areas, like a Savannah, a Snowy, Rocky mountain at the top of the party, a Jungle, and a small river for each different cat, although every cat could go in any area.


There would be a large slide with leopard-print on it that ended at a small river/pond.

There would be 2 shops, a den item shop and a music shop.

The den items available for purchase would include: Cheetah Lamp, Snow Leopard Portrait, Lion Rug (not made out of a Lion), Cougar Pool, and a Tiger Window, which would be the only non-member item available.

The music available would be members-only, and it would be called Feline Stomp, an upbeat and deep-pitched piece.