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Feather Headdress

The Feather Headdress is a members-only head item. It appears as a band around the head with stripey feathers on it, laid back instead of poking straight up. There are also two feathers that go down near the ears and over the cheek.


It's found in the Gifting Party for 400 gems.


It comes in brown, red, grey, blue, purple and green.

Brown is the default colour. It's a leathery brown for the headstrap and base of the feathers, and a dull orange for the stripes.

Red has the red base(feathers and strap) and dark red for the secondary(stripes)

Grey has a dark grey for base, and a light, almost white for the stripes.

Blue has dark and light blue.

Purple has dark and light purple

Green has dark and light green.