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Falcons are members only animals that are sold in the Diamond Shop for 10 diamonds.

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The falcon is brownish grey for color 1 and white for color 2. They have a yellow beak with a black tip. They have black eyes. Falcons have their own pattern, witch is dotted like small splotches. It is the color reddish brown. It normally appears on their belly and back.


Dance: They spread out their wings, then stars kicking their legs.

Play: They get disturbed, making its feathers go everywhere.

Sleep: It sleeps on a cloud on it's belly with wings tucked in and legs spread out.

Sit: It perches on a stick with wings tucked in.

Hop: They hop the same height as eagles, with its wings out the whole time.


  • Falcons are smaller then eagles but larger then owls.
  • They look kind of similar to eagles.