The European Dragon is a members-only flying lizard that breaths out fire. it will be one of the predator animals on


animal jam if it was to be implemented. Its default appearance is a greenish blue for the top and a light yellow for its belly. Its eyes are the same as a default crocodile's and its colors can be changed like any animal on AJ. It can be bought after you have clicked on a phantom in Jamaa Township. After you do so, a dragon will come from the sky and scare the phantom away. Once the animation is finished, you can buy it for 1000 gems. There is also a Asian version which can be bought for 5 diamonds.


Play: It stands on its hind legs and breathes out fire, then smoke comes out and it goes onto all fours.

Sit: it sits like a hyena.

Dance: It dances the same dance as the lion dance, then it flaps into the air and lands, spreading its wings out like a fan.

Sleep: It lays on all four legs, occasionally flapping its wings.


  • The Animal jam dragon resembles a crocodile with lanky, long legs, and massive wings
  • It is members-only