Escape from Phantom Isle is a year-round adventure for level 3 animals or more.


On an exploration across Jamaa's oceans, a terrible storm hit. It stranded the Alphas on an island run by phantoms! Now it's up to you to rescue them and find a way home!

Play through

Part 1

  • Adventure begins with Sir Gilbert telling you about what happened. He is in front of some sort of shelter he created out of ship scraps, and has no items.
  1. You need to rescue the alphas from five different areas.
  2. Collect the Alpha's items along the way, they need them to fight the phantoms
  • Go down the beach rose path, as instructed by Sir Gilbert to collect his items and rescue Graham (He has his items).
  • There are tigers dressed in beach rose armor that are under the phantoms control. Click to disarm and rescue them.
  • Go through three mini areas total.
  • Return to Sir Gilbert, talk to him to give him his items.
  • Go to the stone brick area next to rescue Greely.
  • There are brick armor controlled wolves and one snow leopard. There are five mini areas total.
  • Return to camp, go to the sunflower area to rescue peck.
  • There are sunflower armor controlled bunnies and four mini areas.
  • Return to camp, go to the flowering tree area to rescue Liza.
  • There are grass armor controlled pandas and five areas.
  • Return to camp, go to the spiky plant area to rescue Cosmo.
  • There are spiky armor controlled koalas, and four areas.
  • Return to camp. All the alphas are rescued, and talk, thanking you. You receive a piece of each of the according armor sets.
  • Suddenly, a phantom ambush comes out of the bushes! Screen fades to black for part 2.

Part 2

  • The alphas are now in separate cells. A phantom guard is outside your cell.
  • Click the door knocker when they aren't in view, or else the guard will somehow knock you out in one hit.
  • Find the alphas by continuing through the dungeon, disarming phantom waters and expelling phantoms with boomseeds.
  • Get the key, free the alphas.
  • Defeat three waves of five phantoms.
  • Collect the key dropped by the final phantom killed and use it to escape out the door. Screen fades to black for part three.

Part 3

  • Collect the wood planks, a plastic board, a log, and a wooden wheel by going down the four paths and fighting the phantoms etc. While the Alphas wait at the dock.
  • Once you go to the dock with all the items, Graham puts the boat together in a cut scene.
  • On the boat, the alphas open up a small portal that is only stable for one jammer to pass through. They decide that you should pass through.
  • Before you leave, you receive your adventure prizes.


Adventure Prizes

Chest Prize
Top Left Pile of Planks
Top Middle Phantom Island Map
Top Right Fallen Peck Earring
Bottom Left Asteroid Puddle
Bottom Right Beach Rose Bushes

Armor Sets

Alpha that rewards it Armor Set
Graham Beach Rose Armor
Greely Brick Armor
Liza Grass Armor
Cosmo Spiky Armor
Peck Sunflower Armor


  • If you go the wrong direction that isn't in order in part one, asteroids will fall leaving puddles that will block your way to the wrong directions.
  • On hard mode, it gives out full sets of armor instead of just pieces, but has the same end prizes.
  • This is one of the only adventures that doesn't add to any story lines.
  • Sir Gilbert doesn't reward any armor, instead he just says his gratitude.
  • This adventure is based on a fan's dream.
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