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The Element Armor is an armor containing the following elements: Fire, water, earth, and wind. It is at The Diamond Shop.

Element Amulet

The Amulet is a big circle necklace with green and a little bit of brown as the element earth, red as the element fire, blue as the element water, and grayish white as the element wind. This coasts 4 diamonds and is for all jammers.

Element Tail Armor

The Tail Armor is colored black with raindrops, flames, mountains, and wind. The tip of the tail armor with have water spraying out, fire, wind, and frozen grass as earth coming out. This coats 8 diamonds and is members-only.

Element Wing Armor

The Wing Armor is large that is colored black and dark blue. It has a raindrop and flame on the tip of the wing and on the left wing is mud and wind. This coats 8 diamonds and is for members-only.

Element Helmet

The Helmet is like the wind helmet, but bigger. It is black with a small volcano shooting out if its head, curly mountains as its horns, water as its eyes (the water moves like jello when you move), and wind as its pattern (pattern changes wisely by the wind. The patterns are usually 4 of the patterns in you animal patterns). This coats 8 diamonds as is members-only.

Element Leg Armor

The Leg Armor looks like dragon claws-or crocodile claws. It is bigger than the Phoenix Leg Armor and is colored black. The wind makes fog so its foggy but you can still see. Earth as claws (tracks mud, something like the Phantom Leg Armor tracks purple/black), fire (or lava) as cracked glowed red/orange in legs, and water as small waves coming down the leg. This is for 8 diamonds and is for members-only.


  • The fire, wind, water, and ice all move when you move. The water moves like jello, the fire moves like the phoenix armor fire, the wind moves like the wind armor, and earth tracks mud.
  • This is very big, making it unique.