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Eat! is a mini game for all jammers.


The pop-up picture for this game is three chomper plants open-trapped and ready for a glob of phantom goop being thrown to them. The background is a grassy field and a forest thicket on the edge.

In the game, you are passing by a row of chomper plants evenly spaced apart and in light brown soil. Some are in the back, others are in the middle, and some are up front. The same background from before is present.


The game starts with a bright green "Ready... set... GO!" The object of the game is to feed as many chomper plants as possible before you loose all three of your "lives." They are represented as balls of phantom goop and are crossed out with a red "X" when you miss a chomper plant.

To throw, you can simply click to get the chompers up front. The other ones, you need to click and hold to get more power for your throw.

You get 5 gems per time you get a chomper food. A golden chomper gives you ten gems.