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Ducks are fan made animals in Jamaa. They cost 10 diamonds.


Duck are about the size of the otter. They can fly on land and go underwater. Color 1 represents the duck's feathers and the default is baby yellow. Color 2 represents the beak and feet and the default is neon orange. Default ducks have black semicircle eyes.



  • Sit: Perches like Eagle
  • Sleep: Beak tucked in, eyes shut, on cloud like Eagle
  • Play: Swoops around catching grapes falling from the sky in its beak
  • Dance: In air Hula Dance
  • Hop: Bounces on floating lily pad


  • Pose: Faces in selected direction with wings up
  • Swirl: Curls up and cartwheels around
  • Dive: Turns upside down and plunges downward
  • Play: Lily flower floats in front of it and juggles (like in soccer) it.
  • Dance: Paddles backwards, flips and paddles backwards again (essentially underwater moonwalk)


  • The reason they are diamond animals is because of their special abilities (semiaquatic and flight).
  • Their PLAY action on land is a reference to "The Duck Song".
  • Ducks can play in The Forgotten Desert. If the team mostly consists of ducks, the area will be shown as a more cheerful desert. If the number of ducks and eagles is tied, it will be decided by the host (if the host is an eagle, you'll play in the normal desert and if the host is a duck, you'll play in the cheerful desert).
  • They are based on the pet duck that currently exists in Jamaa.
  • Their alpha is Quake, a battle scarred duck.