A Dress Up Plushie is a customizable den item available for all jammers. One custom Plushie costs 1 diamond and can be bought at the New Diamond Shop.


A Dress Up Plushie can be purchased at the New Diamond Shop. It has its own pedestal on the second floor. Each Plushie is composed of its respective animal plushie in the color white. When owned, they can be customized in a "Customizations" den tab.


In the "Customizations" den tab, a player can click the plushie they want to customize.

The player can choose the color of their Plushie. The colors are composed of standard plushie colors and some colors for regular animals. There are also several accessories available for the plushie to wear, some that are not available for existing plushies. After finishing, the player will click "SAVE" to save their changes to the plushie.

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